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Our basketball coaches and educators support young players and professionals

Immerse yourself in the unique experience of our basketball camps. Whether you are a budding young player or a passionate basketball player, our camps offer an exceptional learning and development opportunity, supervised by basketball professionals.

Explore our full range of sports coaching services, suitable for all levels and ages. Whether you want to improve your skills, manage your career, or introduce your kids to basketball, we have the perfect program for you.

Explore our club and corporate intervention services, designed to inspire and motivate through basketball. Whether you're a sports club looking for inspiration or a business looking to build team spirit, we've got you covered.

Mamoutou Diarra, professional player turned basketball coach and entrepreneur

The world of professional basketball allowed Mamoutou to live from his passion and gave him the opportunity to fully flourish throughout his professional sporting career. 
He has always wanted to share this love of basketball and to share his exceptional experience, particularly with young people in order to transmit the values of basketball which have guided him throughout his career. 
He then decided in 2018 to found Diarra Academy allowing a team of professionals to provide progression courses and basketball lessons for all ages, and a coaching or support service for professional players and young people in sports studies.

A professional basketball coach and sports educators supervise the academy workshops

Our basketball lessons are suitable for players of all levels and even the smallest beginners!

Our supervisors offer courses lasting several days to improve intensively. Baby basketball, for toddlers' first steps towards basketball, or even sports masterclasses to raise awareness of the commitment, sacrifices and failure encountered throughout a professional career.

The objective of our basketball activities and lessons is to develop, through the practice of basketball, fundamental values such as work ethic, discipline, respect, knowledge and attention to detail.

All our courses, basketball lessons and interventions are taught by qualified professionals who are passionate about basketball.

The objectives of our basketball lessons are based on the fundamental values of the sport

Tolerance and respect

Solidarity and cooperation

Team spirit

Sharing and humility

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